About Me


First of all I would like to say thank you so much for visiting my blog site here in Everyday What’s Blog in Blogger.com. I know that this is not so good enough to visit at all. But what do I have here was just about from me in my every day.

Okay maybe that was good enough for the introduction of the About Me page. Now, let me now have the great honor to introduce myself I am "Hehehe" but you can call me Rikz for short and I am now at the right age of 21. But I guess it is better to stop introducing and just get on to the point of why I decided to create this very good looking blog anyway. So here is the question: Why do I created this Blog? So simple! how about to start at the domain name. The full URL (uniform resource locator) was http://me-everyday-watch.blogspot.com this was the best thing that I made in my life that the best combination of me in my every day. But I already explain this in my First Post and Introduction.

Moving into the next part was the title. This blog has been entitled of Everyday What. And this is also explained in the First Post and Introduction . But do I really have here is that, I am just sharing my experiences and sometimes daily if I have a time. I love to play games especially in online game, I love to watch movies and also online to and the life styles sometimes. This is just for the About Me page. Maybe I will update it if I have done other things for this blog.


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