Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Playing The Video Game That We Loved

I really cannot help my self to play video games for almost everyday! Welcome to Everyday What and we have good post again about playing games that we loved.

So, I think a lot of things and with so many of out of my range actually, I decided to pick something more interesting with it comes to hobbies.

Yes, one of my low picking hobby is to wright a post on my blogs. With what so ever I can think of. The only thing that is missing is to pick something that you really really like to do that almost every day, it consumes your energy but I always in energized.

I cannot really imagine how many times I did waist a lot of my time with just playing League of Legends. That's is right. Now that we all know about eSports is hitting in its current era, I've came up with the idea on how about if I started to make something new that really always catches my interest and to provide other kids for more excitements.

I've been giving away free LoL Skins and LoL Skinners. It is currently followed by 1,400 followers and Like up to 1,500 on my FB page. Kids do really love it and I really cannot afford that much.

So, what I've been focusing currently is to get a source where I can generate some money to gave more kids some of their wishes skins in League of Legends.

And finally, I get to know Ezreal Build. The website that talks all about one of the most popular champions of League of Legends, Ezreal. He is the most played champ in all time. He is build for kids specially in all fan of Megaman with its current skin Pulsefire Ezreal.

First I need to learn more about its secret abilities that makes him OP and all my research will be posted their in It is only dedicated to him and if I will going to have some good results playing this champ to reach high ranking in Ranked Games Solo/Duo, I will make another one to get the very best to rank more higher in high tier.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Pinoy Tv: A Very Special Love

I'm not totally a fan of kilig drama's, but there are part of this movie that I really like. In this stage, average people do simply sees this a semi comedy, drama, romance etc... But some of people who do care about the story.

What I have here is that, some scenes and scripts or lines what I like. About the change and eagerness of doing something that we really want if you do want to change your life.

Most of us are rich, (that's true) while some keeps telling that most are poor people. That was totally not true. Did you know, that most people from the Philippines was in the middle class?

Yes, even when you are in province. Most of the people their are business oriented people. Laida was a very simple girl who dreamed not to be rich but for her one and only. Miggy what a rich but not all is easy.

This is true, it happens in real life.This pinoy tv is a good master piece. Miggy did something that he didn't mean too. While Laida is trying to change herself and moving on.

She comeback to the old company where she used to work with Miggy.

That was the scene that it takes my time for a bit.

I can say, I really like it. It was based on real life I can say. It is just the same as in the office where I work.

Most people do crazy things and other doing weird things.

I just focus on what I do in the office, trying to make a good day and keep on moving forward to learn more and up for a good success work.

But being an employee, with a bit above minimum salary. Still not enough.

Moving forward, last time when I saw that scene of them two, Laida and Miggy arguing about their project was totally the same as I saw from our office. Damn, they do have previous what we called "pinagsamahan" or Ex. Still things turn on personally. And deeply making things too personal.

What, life is not same as the movie. So it is always a good luck to all of us.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Taking Care Of My Health And Skin Now

Its been a long years and just now and welcome again to my very old blog with a very less of post content of Everyday What. I started to look at the mirror very often wondering how am I doing. Yes, I maybe not fashionable like others and I just wear simple cloths with no accessories on me. Somehow I have a very fit and healthy body and previously a good athlete. I love to play almost all games that I can ever play when I was kid. I am good in playing soccer, basketball, volleyball, sepak takraw, long jump, high jump, cycling/biking. I'm not good in swimming but somehow I know how to swim a bit faster but not good in diving too.

Can you imagine how I'm so sporty time of a guy. I really love to play sports before and always keep on running like nothing and playing every since when I was a kid. I don't mind to what ever I face or whenever I go to a place under the sun. And boom! I'm dark. Yep I'm a dark kid looking. Not handsome, not even welling to make me look presentable to others. I really don't mind it you know.

 But when I reach out my middle age now and being a father was totally changed me. I begun to think of my health and specially the way I looked to myself. I'm really so happy about what I have right now and blessed to have a health son with my loving wife. I really loved them so much.

Taking care of our future and work hard and more harder to achieve the life that I dream. In my current work experience, same almost from everybody who experiencing hell in your work with most people around you we're totally a viruses who give you nothing but stress. I mean it.

Now, what I learned is that, no matter what happened don't ever let them to make you change the way as they made up with they lives. Luckily, I am well disciplined by my father and full of loving wisdom by my beloved mother. They somehow guided us well with my big brother and sister. Thanks to both of them with a very good job on handling us.

Its my time now to shine. Its my turn to be a model and loving father to my son. The dream where I always been dreaming of is near. Now, what will I do or how would I do it. This will be my next chapter. I will put it in my future book of my life experiences when I reach out my target age 30 where I will start to write everything that I remember about my life experiences. I really hope that someone will be relate to it too.

Anyways, some of my friend from our office introduced me the Luxxe White for skin care. One of the best selling product of Frontrow Internationals. Well, I'm currently reviewing this product now and thinking to buy and test it out. I will post again soon for my review and hope for positive results with this.

Thanks a lot every one. . .


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