Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Where To Watch Pinoy Teleserye and Tambayan

Do you wanted to watch your favorite teleserye or pinoy tv shows but you are unable to because your not in home or your television is broken, no cable, no signal at all? Well, you can now watch pinoy tv shows online with no charges at all totally for free. Pinoy Tambayan is made for all OFW's outside the country of Philippines for them to be able to watch there favorite pinoy tv shows like teleserye and game shows form Filipino networks like ABS-CBN, GMA and Tv5.

There are many of them that really cannot watch or even missing all the episodes or even daily shows. One of my friend asked me if where can he may watch pinoy tv shows using his desktop or smartphone. Then I suggested that in pinoy teleserye he can look for some of his favorite pinoy shows. Then his been so happy that in pinoy tambayan, he can able to watch all of the shows and teleserye for free online by simply go to some of my bookmarked sites that I've been visited and watching online as well since before.

Look at that, you can just simply able to watch with no cost at all. It is the real anytime anywhere watching in your gadgets like tablets, desktops or laptops and your smartphones. The most important thing is that you needed to maintain your internet connection. It is advisable to have a fast internet so that you can enjoy watching and no delay at all. I hear that currently in the Philippines will going to have Telstra, one of the fastest internet provider known in Australia.

So, what will be more convenient is that, Pinoy tv is one of the best place is that pinoy tambayan where we all always been watching for so long and never down until now it is all alive and working.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

I Watch Pinoy Tv Shows With No Anoying Pop ups

Have every been watching your favorite Tv shows online. Well, my experienced in looking for some websites that you can watch them available through online is really ridiculous of this crazy pop ups every time that I click on some sites where you can watch for free. What I did is to look for other Pinoy tv site that can be more reliable, well designed and a very user friendly experience than the current site I always visit.

For so long already and there's nothing more good enough than the Pinoy Tv site I always go to watch my favorite teleserye in the Pinoy Tambayan. Like I did before, well nothing much if you keep on looking. Can it be possible for the video in wherever it is been hosted in dailymotion, videomega etc.. when it be clicked there will be no pop ups. Well I guess it is not since it is how they do earn some profit for it.

Well somehow, Pinoy Teleserye so far is the one most best among them. It is where I watch and it is somehow as simple, in fact as basic and responsive design where it can be feet into my iPhone.

Most people already uses the same way in watching movies or tv series online by there phones. So, this is one of the most important thing that is needed for a website nowadays. And I think most bloggers do aware on that one so far. If your design is same as a responsive that can feet to any other devices, for sure it will be more convenient.

Watching this Anime One Man Punch at iTvAnime.com

If you're a fan of anime series, well I guess you better to include this One Man Punch to your watch list. At the fist, Saitama is really a bit boring to me. Seeing him in his facial expression in some scenarios of unexpected things is only a Huh! for him. I can say "WTF" for fighting monsters or aliens to protect the City. Well, what really amazed me is that finishing a enemy in a one single effortless punch.

See that, everything in just a PUNCH and really effortless. Now, here is my question. What is the real secret of his ability and how does this happening. Even Superman cannot do this one for sure because he doesn't have this kind of action. But how come Saitama the One Punch man does do this every time he had a fight.

You can watch the full episodes too in iTvAnime and see for yourself. 


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