Friday, December 9, 2016

What is Pinoy Tambayan And Where To Find One?

Its been awhile now, and finally I was able to find out what is really Pinoy Tambayan for. It has been tha main landing page for all Filipino people who is welling to stay and look where is the good place to stay in the internet that is exclusively for pinoy. Well, back in 90's, online is not that known, yet only my childhood friend where playing and happy together with them in a playground, parks and schools. Most of that time back then, we used to be just as part as of meeting each other play together. After that, we made it to high school and graduated in any courses in college. Now, since many of has had bad life here in the Philippines. Most of my colleagues go abroad or overseas. As time goes by, there is cellphones then smartphones and finally other high-end devices. The Apple product was build and win it all by having the best and high quality products. I was dream to have one before with that iPhone, where most people do have this days. The main source of communication, internet. Internet is there for us and social media sites is really one of the best to have. This will somehow bond us in the internet.

Now that we have this, what else do you think we can do. My friend now made a site where you can join in specially our colleagues. Most of them are now also professionals. And that site is called Pinoy Tambayan, a place in the internet where all Filipino can stay together in the internet online. Some us still not in it but most of our friends our already giving some of there feedback and as I heard, they will keep up for developing there updates. Nothing seems so good at the first since it is the first time that they just focus on building there content. Even though it is still as poor as it is, everybody starts in the small one and let it grew and build its opportunity. Currently its reputation is poor but there's nothing bad when you are still at the learning process, right!.

As of me, I am still the same. Not the same as them, because as of now, I am still working as an employee. Yep, but by this way, I begun to learn more about life now. I've been maturing enough since I started to work and stand with my own feet. My mother? Well, there, she was still working until now. I've been manage to send some money for her for daily needs. But still it is not enough. I've been a construction working, bill boy, working personnel, delivery boy conductor of jeep and more. I decided to go to Manila because there are no luck for me in our province. And my decision is the best as I decided that day. I finally working in an office. And not a personnel but a really office working. Doing some paper-works and other things that most office had. My salary is somehow enough to support my family. But, there are so many problems in life where I called it blessings. Yes, for me, having problems is still a blessing to me. I will explain it my next post update. And I will share to you what I've been up to and what I'm currently learning since I am now studying online marketing where I read online from one of the most popular bloggers in the internet online. See you guys soon. Thank you.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Encantadia 2016 so far (review)

For me, Encantadia remake seems good and everything is really doing well. But there are some fans that is not convince on what is really going on in Encantadia 2016

Can you imagine if Kylie got the role she auditioned for (Pirena)? Poor kid can't even do "conflicted" right.

This is one of the most meaningful when you know the original Encantadia where they are specifically looking at the most out of the cast on how they were able to play the role and never just simply looking at it but the complete detail of each acts that its make every episodes.

Kylie Padilla is a very lousy Amihan. No grace, no conviction, line delivery is so weak I agree. She looks perpetually worried in every scene she was in, she tends to blend in the background too, forgettable and disappointing. She wasted the potential of her childhood scenes. Her kid version was alright but her grown self seems like a whole different person. On the other hand, I love how Alena and Danaya's characters are portrayed, the actresses are way better than Kylie, to think they're supposed to be newbies.

Here who most out the real suggest of each one of the playing role of main characters of Encantadia.

I find the entire serye to be lousy, maybe because i am still a fan of the original ones, and for me they cannot outshine them. But geez, if they are going to have a remake they should have secured justice in every potrayal, gaaad.. everything is a disappointment and disgrace. Enebeyeeeeeen.

Even this one is really facing, seeing Encantadia is not that good at all. One of the reasons are that he is still seeing the original Encantadia not the new one. For me, if your going to ask me about this, I can say we better move on and lets move forward for the new one. All of the cast are doing there best to do what ever is best for the remake. This is a new era of it and there is noting bad about it. Even if all Pinoy tv fans are seeing things that is good with all respective cast of our one and only fantaserye of this year 2016. Let's keep on supporting our fantaserye. Cheers!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Encantadia Remake 2016 Release Date

I finally have the official release date of Encantadia remake and it will be on this coming July 18, 2016. I check already it will be on Monday, third week of July. So, you should all mark your calendars and ready your televisions on your homes. Well some of you are far away from Philippines, all of the OFW out there, this fantaserye will be available at Pinoy Tv for replays. Some site are offering live streaming but you needed to pay for it. In Pinoy Tambayan every episodes will be updated by their admins. Yep, my salary is only enough for the daily and I don't have a budget for this, so why paying if there are good sites that offer free. You can also watch it on Youtube, but you just need to look or search for it specific so that search result will be on the point of what you are looking for specially the dates. You need to make sure to key in the keywords one by one.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

FB Scoop: New Updated Encantadia Banner Cover

Look at guys, Encantadia FB has a new banner cover updated. Who is more beautiful and more goddess of them all? I made a wrong post before. My mistake is that I was wrong about the release date of this pinoy teleserye. I was updated by my friend who's also a huge fan of this teleserye from Pinoy Tambayan Blog. I guess he is only the one so far that is reading my blog here. And somehow, I'm glad to have him here but I really wonder is he really can I say a number one fan of this teleserye? Or maybe you other that him. But let say it all of us who is looking for updates to find out what is the new one to see for? I will post the update as soon as this Encantadia 2016 teleserye will be available.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Eat Bulaga Among the 10 Share-Worthy Records in Guinness World Records

I would like to congratulate Eat Bulaga as it is one of the 10 Share-Worthy Records in Guinness World Records. This noon time show is already been running in GMA Network since 1995. I am now admiring this show now. More blessing!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Memory/Documentary: Last Day of the Month of June 2016

Hi Blog, its me and I'm still the old average blogger.

Its really been so long and I finally see realized that you were still here the way as you are. And yep, its been 6 amazing years and still, you were the old blog that I make back in 2010 where I started to learn blogging and SEO. Back when I was still nobody simply nothing at all war really ridiculous. And no way to go, nothing as I see as in nothing to be seen. As a part of my amazing life, you were the only one who is still waiting for me to update a post of my thoughts, ideas and experiences. If I just didn't stopped before maybe there's something that I already made for the past 6 years of my online career. But nope, there is nothing happen at all. But this year, I already made a promise, to finally make this blog alive again that I hope that I can able to made amazing posts for its possible readers in the future.

Now, lets me share you what I've been doing when I'm not around. Okay, let makes this story short as possible. Going back in 2010, I started to work as an online marketer and SEO but lets make it quick, I lost one of the most first ever blog that I made (your rival). That blog is the winning blog out of most of my time and your the second. You might asking why, right? Well its because of me as a assuming person who always forget or disregarding someones advice from a friend. He is now, one of the best and already able to afford a lot specially daily needs but still none for thus luxuries ones. I'm using blogs to monetized other blogs or target keywords but because of that I lose my one and only winner. Sad right! Please don't laugh at me.Okay, the moments are really special for your own word and I realized the keeping my way like this is really pissed me and stresses me of a lost. But you will never be a loser as long as you keep moving forward and try again and again and again of your stuffs. Some might really already commented out something for you and correct you and maybe will surely affects your mindset. If this happens then it is a perfect opportunity to think deep, relax and breathe normally if its negative well start to control your anger. Okay, SEO is not bad when you start to think to make money online by the use of blogging way. It will be bad if you started to do blackhat. This is the most tricky part that is so clever of being an online monetizing technique. Well, say no to this please. I will not going to do this in all of my life. I have my own strategy that I build before and it still works as I check and affects perfectly as of now. It is just that SERF is really amazing.

But jumping to our conclusion here, I ended online marketing SEO career and start a new way of living. It is the really blogging. Posting what I did and share for my own experience, this is the only normal way that I can help my possible readers someday. You can ask me if your looking for something that I can help you because surfing in the internet is one of my talents. Google is our friend, all we need to do is ask him of something then he will give you what you need. He will surely help you just like how he helped other researchers too.

For all of my visitors there, it was nice to see you here. I don't really share here a lot, but soon it will be more updated. I will share daily as long as I have internet and device to use. What I am up to now is helping a friend of mine, asking me on how he will able to make his site a bit more popular and view able to SERF, I simple answer him "that asked to right person". Somehow, we already made good and it turned worse because of that, again, less knowledge but again keep try and try to be back up an life is really amazing. Having this kind of a mind is really challenging because this is only what I have as an average like others. But the best think here is that, "WE CAN LEARN AND KEEP LEARNING to not only for our selves but to help others to."

I'm currently an employee office worker. At the start it was really good and I'm so excited to go to work for almost everyday because of that this is one of the most good to have daily needs. But for after 4 years of experience for your you will going to say this too. "I WANTED TO QUIT MY JOB" if you already have family, a child to feed, a wife to control (no offence but they sometimes cannot be controlled and hard to understand but luckily my wife is the one I love.) everything your earn as a basic salary will stress you out and lose your mind when you are in needs of something that is really important but your out of money. The sad story will start due to its financial problem. So, its my task to change it, for my family, love ones and for my son. I already learn my lesson and lets not be down for one lost or you will be a loser forever.

Friday, June 24, 2016

One Of The Best Teleserye Before the Encantadia 2016 Fansite

Do you still remember the following people who started Encantadia teleserye back in 2005? Well here are they: Dingdong Dantes as Ybarro/Ybrahim, Karylle as Alena, Sunshine Dizon as Pirena, Iza Calzado as Amihan, Diana Zubiri as Danaya, Mark Herras as Anthony, Jennylyn Mercado as Lira/Milagros, Yasmien Kurdi as Mira. Yes, they are the main characters of the first Encantadia Tv series and they really give us what they could to let us see of The fictional world of Encantadia. Sapiro - A kingdom in the north of Encantadia; protector of the gemstone of earth. Adamya - A kingdom in the south of Encantadia; protector of the gemstone of water. Hathoria - A kingdom in the west of Encantadia; protector of the gemstone of fire. Lireo - A kingdom in the east of Encantadia and is home to the royal blood diwatas; protector of the gemstone of air.

Now, what element you wish to have or which kingdom are you in? Or do you miss the story again? The good news is that this teleserye will soon going to open and will be airing next month July of this year 2016. Encantadia (eng-kan-tad-yah) is an upcoming Filipino fantasy television series to be broadcast by GMA Network. It is dubbed as the modern requel (retelling-sequel) to the 2005 fantasy series Encantadia. The show is set to air on July 2016 on the network's GMA Telebabad block replacing Poor SeƱorita, and also to be aired worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV.

The new sang'gres, keepers of the four gems, were revealed on April 4, 2016. Kylie Padilla will play the role of Amihan, Alena will be portrayed by Gabbi Garcia, Sanya Lopez is Danaya while Glaiza de Castro takes on the role of Pirena.

Actually, I'm not really a fan of this pinoy teleserye before entitled Encantadia. Now that his story will be remaked next month, I guess it is better to discover what might the story is all about. As a kid before, I don't know and I really didn't mind any and so lazy to learn teleserye. But as I grown up in my middle age now, I started to be more interested in stories, novels with reading books and more. As what I have said before, I am not good in English before and now somehow can able to write and make a little article for my simple blog here in Everyday What. Now it will have a new remake and this will be amazing. Here in the Philippines we have best actors and actresses and most of the fans said that teaser trailer really amazing just like animations in Hollywood. Well you can watch Encantadia's trailer and see for yourself.

For all of the fan out there, there will be a Encantadia Fansite that soon will be available that will follow all about the story and news of the same teleserye. You can join conversations add your comments about the story or casts.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

5 Reasons Pacquiao-Bradley 3 is a Worthy Fight

5. Teddy Atlas, folks!

As much as the third quarrel is over the two men gloving up in the ring, this night will be around two unequaled mentors and boxing minds conflicting. Pacquiao's Freddie Roach and Bradley's new mentor, Atlas. On the off chance that you watched Bradley dismantle Brandon Rios in December, the highlight was Atlas actually spitting Mickey Goldmill like searing proclamations at the warrior in the middle of rounds. He was prying Bradley from a profession snooze. His group up with Desert Storm got this battle made.

4. Another chance to bury the first fight
The main battle in June of 2012 was a treachery to the game. Bradley scoring a choice over Pacquiao was the start of the semi end for the Filipino. In spite of the fact that he obviously defeated Bradley and associated increasingly and at a higher rate of consistency, judges Duane Ford and C.J. Ross(neither judge nowadays) gave the battle to Bradley. Twitter exploded. Ringside expert Dan Rafael couldn't trust it. A survey board re-watched the battle and voted consistently for Pacquiao. The third battle is one more endeavor to burrow a more profound gap for a terrible night in boxing.

3. Pacquiao needs to close with a bang

Manny Pacquiao needs this battle. He hasn't battled in 11 months. He didn't look great against Floyd Mayweather Jr. a year ago, despite the fact that he battled with a torn rotator sleeve. In the event that this is his last battle as an expert (he will battle a couple off the books when they assault him for his awful singing), it should be a win and should be genuine. Shutting his profession on Bradley and going for the arrangement win and last say would offer that record some assistance with getting clean.

2. Bradley needs a worthy opponent to re-enter title status

In the event that Bradley genuinely needs to venture over into the huge kid coliseum of contenders, he needs Pacquiao to do as such. A win over Manny would concrete his arrival to the ring and to the rundown of pound for pound title contenders. Beating Rios didn't do that. It was the little flight of ventures to the entryway. Beating Pac Man gets Bradley once again into the building.

1. These two produce entertaining buy worthy matches

The initial two battles were exciting and the third could be touchy. Pacquiao permitted the judges to be hasty towards the end of the main battle and neglected to get done with, something he revised in the second battle. Presently, both men are more seasoned, angrier and need to demonstrate something. Pac needs to demonstrate this gentleman never merited a second battle. Bradley needs to hush his pundits who say he can't win the huge battle.

Prediction: Pacquiao vs Bradley 3

Who wins? My cash is on Pacquiao. He has beat him twice in 99.9 percent of general society eye and is furious after his appearing against Mayweather Jr. a year ago. Bradley has Atlas in his corner however that could get him stuck in an unfortunate situation. In the event that Atlas tries to flame him up in the middle of rounds, the mentor could send his contender into a Pacquiao trap. Manny is the more brilliant warrior and ought to win. It would be sweet nostalgic boxing amicability for Pacquiao to thump Bradley out. Watch Pacquaio vs Bradley 3 Online on April ninth will be a decent one! Such a great amount to demonstrate for both boxers.


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