Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lets Watch TV online at LiveUnli


You know already it is too obvious about my title that I am now supporting a new website to watch TV online, last time in my early days, I am reviewing websites that you can watch online. Now, as a little deference it is all TV. You can watch Sports, TV series, TV shows with their latest news and updates about the coverage topics. They still didn’t have all of our favorite videos to watch because they are still new operated.

But we are now going to help this allied website to support them with they believed to. Just like Rikzricci, where you can read about his post earlier about that he also help and started this site. I don’t know if why he posted it in that way, but I know it will be soon a mistake if I were him. But I know Rikzricci, he had a lot of plans with each situations and solve it. 

Not just me, I am just part of RIKMIX that that provide free movies, but now it shut down. They suddenly stop there reviewing of movies and provide links to other websites. Those links were direct links to let us easily land to a website to watch the videos at their dump site. Great idea but it is already gone, we sure miss that online. But now, here is a new website that will provide again another same standard to serve online watchers. Now, our blog will support the new website

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