Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pinoy TV - Teleserye Replay And Tambayan

Its been a long time since I didn't able to update here in my old blog where I've started before. I didn't know that this is still here and working. Now, I would like to let you know that I am working in this new topic of Teleseryes for Pinoy TV. Before, I was just like.. ohh, simple stupid person who just simple post of something for you to watch or I can say update this blog for my former client. What is the best purpose if you of something if you didn't even know that what you've been doing and what it is for.

I finally know what is the next target and perfectly for me that fits my interest. Before, I was like, hey go to this site and watch some online episodes for free. But now, here's a blog that will sure keeps on until the end since this project is came from my friend who invited me to work with this one. And I said, well okay sounds good to me.

As a Filipino, I started to watch some teleserye back and its lucky since I've been following what we've been working for. This is a Pinoy TV blog and all about this is where you see some updates about our currently pinoy tv shows live from ABS-CBN, Forevermore is what most people watch for and following the Bagito where Nash as Drew in this show. His been already a father at the young age. I really do suggest that don't just simply let your child watch this alone since it is a young boy who's been already a father that started to struggle because of what was happen.

There's also Two Wives where Jason, Kaye and Erich the main characters here. They are two moms who fights for a man. If I can have a chance to be the man, it will be cool to have those women's.

Pinoy Tambayan is one of our favorite place to join some conversation with other pinoys in abroad, TFC is the place where we can watch. Pinoy TV is supported by the Telseryes.You can go visit our Pinoy TV Teleserye and Tambayan for more details.

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