Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Another Possible Hubbie in the Future

As a average person who always do its hobbies in everyday for every hour that we spend for our life is really amazing. I always go to some places where I can somehow so some of my pass times to enjoy watching or playing my mobile games that I posting it in my gaming blog. There you can get a lot about my gaming experience. You can read some tips and tricks and other possible working cheats. Most that I play now is mobile games that I play in my iPhone 5 (hope to have the latest update iPhone 6 in the future.) But most of the time, I watch movies and tv series. I can still remember the day that I created this blog and still its been a long time that I didn't even able to open this for almost a year now.

As I recall back at the beginning when I started this and the feeling is that, oh my god, what am I doing, why did I do it and create this blog at the first. When I know someone that they earn from online I talk to myself, can I do this as well? Then I started to say okay, I will do it. I can buy what I want soon. I can make things happen if I believe in myself. But I only expect and didn't make the real working stuffs and just expecting for noting. Now I'm here again to post some updates here in my blog of Everyday What. I can a like the first time I used this name online title. What I do, how I do it in everything under the sun.

Then I've been in this working online together with the Bat Family. Well, they are really one of the place that I really cannot forget since that my boss there is my only teacher who teach me to start how to work. Yes, I can do it. I told myself. And yes, I do it" I really make it a lot. But, what happen is that I know that I am good enough at start way earn a big amount but what I received is less that I thought. After years goes on and on, I realized that it is perfect for me. It is only the right thing for me because being a worker that works in a company or with as a employee, giving away money is difficult.

Now, I make my own searching and contributing all of what I did before and learn from it for my main purpose. Anyways, I've been watching some of pinoy teleserye online and its really free. I like where pinoy tambayan hangs up for gathering and make some conversations with my friends and make as much as possible talkatalk we called.

I will update again soon. I'm just to lazy enough in my writings right now cause I don't review a lot anymore. I just make some of it but not all of it like before, but somehow, everything is great with a good plans with my close friends and buddies. I really want to do this, to build this not just only for me, but for all of us for our daily needs and to make that possible we need a way.

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