Monday, July 20, 2015

Pangako Sayo Is Hitting the Primtime Bida

 How loving is this new pinoy telserye every night? Pangako sayo is one of the most waiting after we finish work and at the evening we still go watch this pinoy teleserye. Like what we have for the last episode Pangako Sa'yo 07/08/15 Full Episode 33

It was dinner time at Yna house. Nanay Belen told her that if only she come with David for that dinner date. She should be eating real good food for tonight. Nanay Belen asks Yna why she hesitated to come with David for that special dinner date. Yna was not able to answer Nanay Belen’s questions then Tatay Isko told Yna that she can accept escorts now. She’s old enough, she has a job and David seems like a good guy. Yna said she’s not use to courting. This is the first time that someone will court her. Nanay Belen told Yna that what she is feeling now is normal. Because it’s her first time being courted.

Nanay Belen said she likes David style of courting. Its old fashion just like before. He brings flowers; he goes to Yna’s house. It means David respects Yna and Yna’s family. Yna then told Nanay Belen and Tatay Isko that having someone court her is not yet in her mind and there is a lot more important things to think of for now. Tatay Isko then told Yna that she should also think that everything is working fine so far. That his Kuya Caloy was free from jail and their job in the resort was ok. Nanay Belen told Yna that they are not asking her to have or get a boyfriend already, all they wanted was for Yna to think of herself and not always about the family.

The theatre committee was busy practising their lines. And there between the two brothers is trying to win Lia’s heart.

Another looting was spreading in the area. Governor Eduardo was making sure that the looting will be stopped. Eduardo was invited to a dinner and the dinner was planned by Angelo. Eduardo was worried what will happen. Knowing that Angelo was out of focus last time. Eduardo told David and Mark to come with him for the dinner that Angelo planned.

It was a busy day in the restaurant. A lot of people were invited. The staff we’re all busy. Angelo asked Yna whats David doing. Yna was about to answer when Angelo said, it was out of his business. Chef Maita arrived to the Dinner in the restaurant. The Buenavista’s arrived. Madam Claudia and Governor Eduardo sat on the nice side table. Governor arrived with Lia, David and Mark. Watch out.

In pinoy tambayan, we always there for this teleserye and hanging out with other fans like you. We are really glad that we  see others who is watching this same as me.

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