Sunday, December 20, 2015

Watching this Anime One Man Punch at

If you're a fan of anime series, well I guess you better to include this One Man Punch to your watch list. At the fist, Saitama is really a bit boring to me. Seeing him in his facial expression in some scenarios of unexpected things is only a Huh! for him. I can say "WTF" for fighting monsters or aliens to protect the City. Well, what really amazed me is that finishing a enemy in a one single effortless punch.

See that, everything in just a PUNCH and really effortless. Now, here is my question. What is the real secret of his ability and how does this happening. Even Superman cannot do this one for sure because he doesn't have this kind of action. But how come Saitama the One Punch man does do this every time he had a fight.

You can watch the full episodes too in iTvAnime and see for yourself. 

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