Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Memory/Documentary: Last Day of the Month of June 2016

Hi Blog, its me and I'm still the old average blogger.

Its really been so long and I finally see realized that you were still here the way as you are. And yep, its been 6 amazing years and still, you were the old blog that I make back in 2010 where I started to learn blogging and SEO. Back when I was still nobody simply nothing at all war really ridiculous. And no way to go, nothing as I see as in nothing to be seen. As a part of my amazing life, you were the only one who is still waiting for me to update a post of my thoughts, ideas and experiences. If I just didn't stopped before maybe there's something that I already made for the past 6 years of my online career. But nope, there is nothing happen at all. But this year, I already made a promise, to finally make this blog alive again that I hope that I can able to made amazing posts for its possible readers in the future.

Now, lets me share you what I've been doing when I'm not around. Okay, let makes this story short as possible. Going back in 2010, I started to work as an online marketer and SEO but lets make it quick, I lost one of the most first ever blog that I made (your rival). That blog is the winning blog out of most of my time and your the second. You might asking why, right? Well its because of me as a assuming person who always forget or disregarding someones advice from a friend. He is now, one of the best and already able to afford a lot specially daily needs but still none for thus luxuries ones. I'm using blogs to monetized other blogs or target keywords but because of that I lose my one and only winner. Sad right! Please don't laugh at me.Okay, the moments are really special for your own word and I realized the keeping my way like this is really pissed me and stresses me of a lost. But you will never be a loser as long as you keep moving forward and try again and again and again of your stuffs. Some might really already commented out something for you and correct you and maybe will surely affects your mindset. If this happens then it is a perfect opportunity to think deep, relax and breathe normally if its negative well start to control your anger. Okay, SEO is not bad when you start to think to make money online by the use of blogging way. It will be bad if you started to do blackhat. This is the most tricky part that is so clever of being an online monetizing technique. Well, say no to this please. I will not going to do this in all of my life. I have my own strategy that I build before and it still works as I check and affects perfectly as of now. It is just that SERF is really amazing.

But jumping to our conclusion here, I ended online marketing SEO career and start a new way of living. It is the really blogging. Posting what I did and share for my own experience, this is the only normal way that I can help my possible readers someday. You can ask me if your looking for something that I can help you because surfing in the internet is one of my talents. Google is our friend, all we need to do is ask him of something then he will give you what you need. He will surely help you just like how he helped other researchers too.

For all of my visitors there, it was nice to see you here. I don't really share here a lot, but soon it will be more updated. I will share daily as long as I have internet and device to use. What I am up to now is helping a friend of mine, asking me on how he will able to make his site a bit more popular and view able to SERF, I simple answer him "that asked to right person". Somehow, we already made good and it turned worse because of that, again, less knowledge but again keep try and try to be back up an life is really amazing. Having this kind of a mind is really challenging because this is only what I have as an average like others. But the best think here is that, "WE CAN LEARN AND KEEP LEARNING to not only for our selves but to help others to."

I'm currently an employee office worker. At the start it was really good and I'm so excited to go to work for almost everyday because of that this is one of the most good to have daily needs. But for after 4 years of experience for your you will going to say this too. "I WANTED TO QUIT MY JOB" if you already have family, a child to feed, a wife to control (no offence but they sometimes cannot be controlled and hard to understand but luckily my wife is the one I love.) everything your earn as a basic salary will stress you out and lose your mind when you are in needs of something that is really important but your out of money. The sad story will start due to its financial problem. So, its my task to change it, for my family, love ones and for my son. I already learn my lesson and lets not be down for one lost or you will be a loser forever.

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