Friday, June 24, 2016

One Of The Best Teleserye Before the Encantadia 2016 Fansite

Do you still remember the following people who started Encantadia teleserye back in 2005? Well here are they: Dingdong Dantes as Ybarro/Ybrahim, Karylle as Alena, Sunshine Dizon as Pirena, Iza Calzado as Amihan, Diana Zubiri as Danaya, Mark Herras as Anthony, Jennylyn Mercado as Lira/Milagros, Yasmien Kurdi as Mira. Yes, they are the main characters of the first Encantadia Tv series and they really give us what they could to let us see of The fictional world of Encantadia. Sapiro - A kingdom in the north of Encantadia; protector of the gemstone of earth. Adamya - A kingdom in the south of Encantadia; protector of the gemstone of water. Hathoria - A kingdom in the west of Encantadia; protector of the gemstone of fire. Lireo - A kingdom in the east of Encantadia and is home to the royal blood diwatas; protector of the gemstone of air.

Now, what element you wish to have or which kingdom are you in? Or do you miss the story again? The good news is that this teleserye will soon going to open and will be airing next month July of this year 2016. Encantadia (eng-kan-tad-yah) is an upcoming Filipino fantasy television series to be broadcast by GMA Network. It is dubbed as the modern requel (retelling-sequel) to the 2005 fantasy series Encantadia. The show is set to air on July 2016 on the network's GMA Telebabad block replacing Poor SeƱorita, and also to be aired worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV.

The new sang'gres, keepers of the four gems, were revealed on April 4, 2016. Kylie Padilla will play the role of Amihan, Alena will be portrayed by Gabbi Garcia, Sanya Lopez is Danaya while Glaiza de Castro takes on the role of Pirena.

Actually, I'm not really a fan of this pinoy teleserye before entitled Encantadia. Now that his story will be remaked next month, I guess it is better to discover what might the story is all about. As a kid before, I don't know and I really didn't mind any and so lazy to learn teleserye. But as I grown up in my middle age now, I started to be more interested in stories, novels with reading books and more. As what I have said before, I am not good in English before and now somehow can able to write and make a little article for my simple blog here in Everyday What. Now it will have a new remake and this will be amazing. Here in the Philippines we have best actors and actresses and most of the fans said that teaser trailer really amazing just like animations in Hollywood. Well you can watch Encantadia's trailer and see for yourself.

For all of the fan out there, there will be a Encantadia Fansite that soon will be available that will follow all about the story and news of the same teleserye. You can join conversations add your comments about the story or casts.

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