Sunday, July 3, 2016

FB Scoop: New Updated Encantadia Banner Cover

Look at guys, Encantadia FB has a new banner cover updated. Who is more beautiful and more goddess of them all? I made a wrong post before. My mistake is that I was wrong about the release date of this pinoy teleserye. I was updated by my friend who's also a huge fan of this teleserye from Pinoy Tambayan Blog. I guess he is only the one so far that is reading my blog here. And somehow, I'm glad to have him here but I really wonder is he really can I say a number one fan of this teleserye? Or maybe you other that him. But let say it all of us who is looking for updates to find out what is the new one to see for? I will post the update as soon as this Encantadia 2016 teleserye will be available.

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