Thursday, July 7, 2016

Encantadia Remake 2016 Release Date

I finally have the official release date of Encantadia remake and it will be on this coming July 18, 2016. I check already it will be on Monday, third week of July. So, you should all mark your calendars and ready your televisions on your homes. Well some of you are far away from Philippines, all of the OFW out there, this fantaserye will be available at Pinoy Tv for replays. Some site are offering live streaming but you needed to pay for it. In Pinoy Tambayan every episodes will be updated by their admins. Yep, my salary is only enough for the daily and I don't have a budget for this, so why paying if there are good sites that offer free. You can also watch it on Youtube, but you just need to look or search for it specific so that search result will be on the point of what you are looking for specially the dates. You need to make sure to key in the keywords one by one.

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