Friday, December 9, 2016

What is Pinoy Tambayan And Where To Find One?

Its been awhile now, and finally I was able to find out what is really Pinoy Tambayan for. It has been tha main landing page for all Filipino people who is welling to stay and look where is the good place to stay in the internet that is exclusively for pinoy. Well, back in 90's, online is not that known, yet only my childhood friend where playing and happy together with them in a playground, parks and schools. Most of that time back then, we used to be just as part as of meeting each other play together. After that, we made it to high school and graduated in any courses in college. Now, since many of has had bad life here in the Philippines. Most of my colleagues go abroad or overseas. As time goes by, there is cellphones then smartphones and finally other high-end devices. The Apple product was build and win it all by having the best and high quality products. I was dream to have one before with that iPhone, where most people do have this days. The main source of communication, internet. Internet is there for us and social media sites is really one of the best to have. This will somehow bond us in the internet.

Now that we have this, what else do you think we can do. My friend now made a site where you can join in specially our colleagues. Most of them are now also professionals. And that site is called Pinoy Tambayan, a place in the internet where all Filipino can stay together in the internet online. Some us still not in it but most of our friends our already giving some of there feedback and as I heard, they will keep up for developing there updates. Nothing seems so good at the first since it is the first time that they just focus on building there content. Even though it is still as poor as it is, everybody starts in the small one and let it grew and build its opportunity. Currently its reputation is poor but there's nothing bad when you are still at the learning process, right!.

As of me, I am still the same. Not the same as them, because as of now, I am still working as an employee. Yep, but by this way, I begun to learn more about life now. I've been maturing enough since I started to work and stand with my own feet. My mother? Well, there, she was still working until now. I've been manage to send some money for her for daily needs. But still it is not enough. I've been a construction working, bill boy, working personnel, delivery boy conductor of jeep and more. I decided to go to Manila because there are no luck for me in our province. And my decision is the best as I decided that day. I finally working in an office. And not a personnel but a really office working. Doing some paper-works and other things that most office had. My salary is somehow enough to support my family. But, there are so many problems in life where I called it blessings. Yes, for me, having problems is still a blessing to me. I will explain it my next post update. And I will share to you what I've been up to and what I'm currently learning since I am now studying online marketing where I read online from one of the most popular bloggers in the internet online. See you guys soon. Thank you.

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