Monday, October 10, 2016

Encantadia 2016 so far (review)

For me, Encantadia remake seems good and everything is really doing well. But there are some fans that is not convince on what is really going on in Encantadia 2016

Can you imagine if Kylie got the role she auditioned for (Pirena)? Poor kid can't even do "conflicted" right.

This is one of the most meaningful when you know the original Encantadia where they are specifically looking at the most out of the cast on how they were able to play the role and never just simply looking at it but the complete detail of each acts that its make every episodes.

Kylie Padilla is a very lousy Amihan. No grace, no conviction, line delivery is so weak I agree. She looks perpetually worried in every scene she was in, she tends to blend in the background too, forgettable and disappointing. She wasted the potential of her childhood scenes. Her kid version was alright but her grown self seems like a whole different person. On the other hand, I love how Alena and Danaya's characters are portrayed, the actresses are way better than Kylie, to think they're supposed to be newbies.

Here who most out the real suggest of each one of the playing role of main characters of Encantadia.

I find the entire serye to be lousy, maybe because i am still a fan of the original ones, and for me they cannot outshine them. But geez, if they are going to have a remake they should have secured justice in every potrayal, gaaad.. everything is a disappointment and disgrace. Enebeyeeeeeen.

Even this one is really facing, seeing Encantadia is not that good at all. One of the reasons are that he is still seeing the original Encantadia not the new one. For me, if your going to ask me about this, I can say we better move on and lets move forward for the new one. All of the cast are doing there best to do what ever is best for the remake. This is a new era of it and there is noting bad about it. Even if all Pinoy tv fans are seeing things that is good with all respective cast of our one and only fantaserye of this year 2016. Let's keep on supporting our fantaserye. Cheers!

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