Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Miss Universe 2010

Watching Miss Universe 2010 online is much comfy than in TV. What you need is a comfortable swivel, a glass of milk and a bowl of cereals on August 23, 2010 (US Time).

The question raised is who of the ladies will luckily bring home the title of Miss Universe 2010. Many of the pageant fanatics all over the world are craving for the latest updates about the event. Online votes are soaring and personal bets are being expressed in social networks and sites.

With the candidates of equal beauties and charms, all of them are ready to compete and set their ways to bring home the crown. Who won’t dare to dream? The title represents beauty, prestige, glamour and intelligence. To be the Miss Universe is the same as saying as the most beautiful woman living in the face of the planet! What about that?

Aside from the title, the candidates are also aiming to get the minor awards. Who do you think will bag this year’s awards for Best in Swimsuit, Best in Long Gown, Miss Congeniality and Miss Photogenic? After a couple of week’s prepageant and Preliminary Rounds, ladies are screened and top fifteen will make their way advance to the finals.

The final fifteen will be announce on the televised show live on the pageants date. So what are you waiting for, set yourself and watch Miss Universe 2010 pageant online.

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