Thursday, August 12, 2010

My New Character In EliteGunz The Duel

Yes! I build a new character in EliteGunz the Duel because of that I am now been change a little. I do make improve my fighting style in this online game. This game the EliteGunz the Duel, was one of the best game now here in my time. If I had been a little stress and use to play this game for make my time passed. Here is the screen shot of my new character:

This is the a new one, but I use to level up faster that my other character. I named this "rikzriccGirl". Yes, this is just little bit similar to my other ones named" rikzricci". Why I've been level up so fast because of that I learned a lot of best moves, I know that it is not yet enough but it can level me fast because of this combination technique like. The very common is what I been post in my past days the tutorial. Fist the butterfly or BF is one of the common moves in this game. We use this to attack while defensing, this is the combination of "Jump+Slash+Block" the secret of this one was that you need to do it perfectly while walking around and looking for a target to kill in death match. Next one was the slash shot or SS, it is the combination of "Jump+Slash+switch to gun + fire, but there is a tricky thing in this move to perform this step, but don't worry because there were a lot of tutorials for this moves in the Youtube to watch while learning. This was just the simple and basics moves that I use to my characters in EliteGunz the Duel.

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