Saturday, August 7, 2010

The True Blood Season 3 Episode 8: Night on the Sun

Watch True Blood Season 3 Episode 8 Online - A new episode of the True Blood that been entitled the Night on the Sun. This is what we are now looking for to watch. And yes always we can watch this online if we can just look for this TV series in the internet, this is always been provided for free. Now, what do we got on True Blood last Sunday? The Last Sunday we have a very strange Bill, a confused poor Sookie and of course a very lucky bad-ass chick Tara. This is always the best of the True Blood because of a lot of strangest on this series. Being a True-bie, I knew that you also noticed that Eric is getting hotter and hotter each episode. What’s in store for Bill, Sookie, Eric and rest of the vampires and mortals on Bon Temps?

Now, in this Sunday, August 8, 2010, quench your True Blood craving by watching the True Blood Season 3 Episode 8 Night on the Sun. Yes, as we always wait this TV series this is always make our day complete with more actions and also love with strange things. The True Blood Season 3 Episode 8 Night on the Sun is directed by Lesli Linka Glatter and written Raelle Tucker. It will be aired on HBO at 9:00 PM (ET/PT) time slot.

And now, here is the True Blood Season 3 Episode 8: Night on the Sun Synopsis; Guess what, While Sookie is contemplating her relationship with Bill, he is making move in reconciling with Jessica. In the meantime, Jason offers a challenge to save Crystal while Ruby Jean pays Lafayette a surprise visit. There is also a new waitress at Merlotte’s. Who she is and what would be her role? And as Russell decides what he’s going to do next, Sophie-Anne relocates her residence. Meanwhile, Eric’s allegiance to Russell is proven. Also, Alcide’s family emergency puts Sookie in a vulnerable position.

Here what the short Episode Preview:

Don’t be so full this mess this episodes if you are still with us. The True Blood fanatics are here always ready to Watch True Blood Season 3 Episode 8: Night on the Sun online and feel the thrill, the drama and vampiric sensuality that only the True Blood can deliver. Don’t be left behind, be the first to watch. And make your day. Cheers!

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