Monday, July 19, 2010

My Character In EliteGunz

This images was my character in EliteGunz online game. I have no intention of showee of my ability in playing this game. But this is just for let me remind that I have a character that is so cool to use. The following pictures are the screen shots I get in my computer while I am playing. This is one of My Online Games.

This is how I log in to the game and its loading to enter the game.

This is now my character in EliteGunz online game. It is a girl that I choose because of that the girl was the easy one to use as a avatar of the game.

What I do in the first log in was to warm up for a while. So I create a room with a password for me only to play in the room.This is now the room that I made just for my warm up. And this is were I start to play and warm my fingers for a while.

And now, the following screen shots are what did I just do while I am warming up. See below:

This is just in my warming up for the game. I guess that my character were so cool and killer to much. But for me, I just play for past times and enjoy....

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