Monday, July 12, 2010

The Autobot Stronghold Game

I found a game that just apple in my two eyes has really get my attention to take past time and play. I visited on always when I get if this in me is boring like sometimes blogging is was a little of streets. Because in was a site that has games for kids, but even that I am not a kid anymore, I use to play games because this is what I wanted. Games is the best for me to make past times. This game was a nice game that you will be needed to make your best mind work. This will practice you and improves your mind to make the best strategy in defense. This game was like a tower defense game, that just like a same game from Warcraft or others game when in came in a tower defense game. And as a big fan of the movie Transformers I do really like this game. We know this movie right, this was already been so popular to all of us Transformers fans. So if you are a gamer just like me that having a past time so that to have a relax for a while, how about to check this is game out and try.

Main Page/Front Page
This was the main page of the game intitled Autobot Stronghold. This game sure is cool if we continue to read. Also the best was that this front page was so awesome because of the best flash that been design of the programmer.

How To Play Page
This page was the page that will show you how to play the game like how to defense you tower or base. I always look for this page so that I will know how it works so that I will know how or what to do to play the game.

Prize Page
What would you do if there is a prize for a game, I really think that you are thinking of the prize. But in me I am just play for my break time so that I can little bet make refresh my mind for my optimization work. Yes, I know also how to do such thing and we have not much but just right for our days. Earn money online also is best like because of just set down and face the computer. That is why I use to play even just three hours a day. Now, the prize page has a tree part:
  • 1'st Place Prize
  • 2'nd - 5'th Placer Prize
  • 6'th - 15'th Placer Prize

1'st Place Prize
1'st Prize: 42" LG LH50 LCD TV -it said: They had lightning reflexes to top the leader board, so the lucky winner will score a 42" LG LH50 - the LCD TV that's so fast you never miss a thing. With sleek design and sharp true-to-life images that explode off the screen, they'll be defending their entertainment set-up from everyone that wants to watch it. Prize Value: $2999. Wow, we can really already buy a house for this value of prize.

2'nd - 5'th Placer Prize
2'nd - 5'th pace: LG Network Blu-Ray Disc Player -it said: LG's state-of-the-art Blu-Ray players have transformed into something even better. Now you can stream thousands of movies, YouTuve clips and shows direct to your TV from the web, plus watch Blu-ray discs and DVDs. Prize Value: $449. This is cool for people how always watch movie and as the best ability that this player had was that we can watch thous movie clips in

6'th - 15'th Placer Prize
6'th - 15'th Place: Transformers Fold-Up Keyboard -it said: This lightweight invertion folds up so small that is fits in your pocket. Then at the touch of a button, it transforms into a full size and fully functional keyboard. Ideal for people who live their life on the go, gadgets don't get much cooler than a Revenge of the Fallen portable keyboard. Prize Value: $90. Cool gadget huh... I really like to see it personally if how is it looks like if its transforming in a single press of button.

High Scores Page
This page was the list of the best players of this game that I really wanted to be in will the list, but I can't was the high scores page that can be also found in the main page of the game. How I really wonder if how did they manage to have a score like this. I try the game for 3 time and I finally got it finish with 50 waves to face. The highish score was reach up to 2,015,820 and I only got 1,600,670. I didn't even include in the top 100. My bad, But its great to play and excitement was really in the game. You can also play this game at this
Autobot Stronghold

Click here to play this game

But just enjoy the game, forget about the prize. This is Everyday What by:Roserikz

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