Sunday, July 4, 2010

Knowing My Self

Before I start to make a topic for this blog that I made, I guess it is better to know my self first. Now, who am I? I am a person that looking for reasons if why am I living here in this world. I know it is so common that I guess that this is also what other people been asking for, but is depends in the situation I guess. Because we know that humans were not the same, there were all have the uniqueness for each and everyone of us. And I guess this post is where I am going to start to know things like this.. But mostly, this blog were not just for me but also others too.. What I am right now? I am a SEO motivator of some money sites, but not so big at all. It is just good for my self not yet for a family to live with. Okay a am a boy who is interested in blogging, that the time when I needed to learned about SEO, I know that this will be bad for this blog, but what really the main reason that I made this blog is to know a lot of part for the SEO. But before we move to this SEO, it is better just go for the title first. Knowing My Self is what I guess better to be the title that is knowing who am I or why am I. But the best thing about me is that I know I am a better person that you will going to count of. What I do is that knowing your self first will be the best way to have a strongish person to be. I know that I am not a good writer, but I hope that you will understand me somehow.

I know my limitation, I know that what I am doing is right or wrong because no body is perfect right. I am just also an ordinary person who is known a better person. Yes, I am not good in English I know that. But I am doing my best to know such thing, so that I can do more for this on my blog here in Everyday What. I know that Everyday What were the perfect title for my blog of mine. This title name, were showing me in everyday and also knowing what is it. When I was in my young years of age, I am do harmful that I don't know why do I do dam things. Maybe because I am still a child in that day. When someone came over me and get my toy that I know it is mine, I go and give hem or her a peace of me.. hehe!:-),, that is true. I didn't ever know that I am like that in that days when I in the age of a 1 or less.. And I am not good in school. But there is one thing that I know I am good of, I am a good drawer, really for sure... I draw cartoons, thous cartoons were what I seen in the television. I almost lose idea now, I guess this is just for this post. I know it is less but it is good just for the starting. See you guys in the next post.

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