Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Dance Movies That I Watch

When I get the info of that there will be a new part of the Step Up movie I do just remember the first break dance movie that I watch. The You Got Serve movie, This was the first break dance that I watch in DVD, but why do I bought one if I can just watch it online. It is okay, because of that I didn’t know that day that I can watch it online for free. Now back to the topic for the dance movies. The You Got Serve movie was I really saw a good and shown a fashionable dance moves. The most part was that you can learn something with this movie and that was just for me, or maybe also in you. I really love to watch dance movie because I don’t know how to dance like them, so that is why I just watch the movie. Then the first Step Up movie was the next one that I watch. The DVD was just from my friend he let me borrowed it for a while, because he knows that I love to watch dance movies like break dance. A yes, before of the Step Up movie was the next You Got Serve: Stomp The Yard. This movie was from the last years 2007. This was about 2 brothers that have an ambition in life but there were a very big and unexpected tragedy. DJ lose his brother Duron or in short D between a battle of a dance street. Oh.. I just can forget it. Then I now start to watch the new dance movie that I saw on DVD was the Step Up movie. The first part of Step Up movie was in titled Step Up the first one, second the Step Up 2: The Street and now the Step Up 3 in 3D. I post already about this Step Up movie but I know that post wasn’t still enough so I decided to look for additional information for this new part of Step Up.

The Step Up 3D is the upcoming third installment in the Step Up film series. The film was directed by Jon Chu, who also worked on the previous film Step Up 2: The Streets. Step Up 3D is scheduled to be released in conventional 2-D, Real D 3D, XpanD 3D and Dolby 3D formats on August 6,2010.

Theatrical poster

The film is due to be released on 6th August for UK viewers and USA viewers alike so you may have to wait until then to watch the full film. You will still be able to Watch Step Up 3D Online Free trailer though while you wait to see if this is the film to watch this summer. Of course you can rest assured that this film will be worth waiting for this year as many Step Up fans are already on the edge of their seats awaiting the release of this new film. This film really is mind blowing from start to finish as it contains a whole selection of stunning performances, beautifully choreographed dances and crazy dance stunts. You can really tell the difference in quality with this film as it has been entirely filmed in 3D from start to finish and not converted afterwards. About the synopsis summary of the Step Up 3D, the kids from Maryland High school travel to Paris to perform in an international dance competition. But wait, the story isn't about the Maryland Dance students in Step Up 3D. Moose, one of the original Maryland dancers, gets accidentally left behind as he missed his plane journey home and gets stranded in Paris. He manages in the meantime to team up with an underground dance group led by Luke (played by Rick Malambri). Of course the wonderful Natalie (Sharni Vinson) also joins the team and starts to become romantically interested in Luke as they get to know each other.

How about that guys! Watch Step Up 3D Online Free for yourself and find out how the team struggles on through hard dance sequences, romantic encounters, the competition to beat all competitions and of course some stolen star moves. This will really full excitement for this movie I wish that it is already 6’th of August.

Here watch the trailer:

Directed by: Jon Chu

Produced by:
  • Patrick Wachsberger
  • Erik Feig
  • Adam Shankman
  • Jennifer Gibgot
Written by:
  • Amy Andelson
  • Emily Meyer
  • Duane Adler (characters)
  • Rick Malambri
  • Adam Sevani
  • Sharni Vinson
  • Alyson Stoner
Music by: Bear McCreary

  • Summit Entertainment
  • Offspring Entertainment
Distributed by:
  • Touchstone Pictures (USA/Canada)
  • Universal Pictures International (UK)
Release date(s): August 6, 2010 (2010-08-06)
Country: United States
Language: English
Preceded by: Step Up 2: The Streets

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