Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Step Up 3D Review

I have some good news for all addicts and break dancer in dance movies like Step Up movie. The news is that the new part of the step up was near and ready to watch on 6th of August. As same as you guys I also don’t have an idea for the new part of the Step Up movie. But as a big fan of this movie I read some reviews so that I can have even just a little idea for the new movie the Step Up 3D.

Here is it about that the kids from a favorite dance school Ms. Maryland have taken a trip to Paris for a really big because it is an international dance competition. However, the poor lovable Moose gets itself left behind as he misses his plane ride home.

So bad that to stuck in Paris right! Now, Moose finds himself to become involved in an underground dance team where we know it is different from the outer world or like in outside world like here, which are getting ready for a competition of their own against some of the world's best dancers. Then he meets Luke and Natalie as they get together for the big dance event. This is what I guess the big start of the good friendship of them, and of course the romantic time is always in the play. There's a love in the air as these two dancing stars practice together to get ready for the big event.

Will I guess this is just for this post. I know that this is too short and not so informative, but this will serve a little detail for the new movie of the Step Up. Watch Step Up 3D online at Jetz E!, because of the best provided movie is there for me and maybe in yours also.

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