Thursday, July 1, 2010

First Post and Introduction

Hello first post here.. This is my fist ever post here in my Blogger blog of Every Day What at the So what is this for? Going straight, this is all about me and also in all around me. I will make this blog to make my self here by the use of this one. This is my little history. This is where I'm going to remember anything about me so it is better to start up so that this will be done for good. And also by this blog I will know my own personality, this is why I do this blog for.


The Everyday What is just a simple blog that will talk about not just me but also thous people around me. And maybe this also will going to show and let me see if who really I am in this world. That is knowing my self. In the beginning I first created a blog here in blogger, but the problem is that I don't know if what am I doing was right. But then now, I guess that this blog is now in the right way of blogging.

Now what is this for? This is about all of the things that I have in me, about what do I do or what do I learned. But for now, I really don't know how to start a topic for the Everyday What. I guess that this is just for now in this post. See you in the next post and for first topic that I will going to post here in Everyday What.

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