Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Online Game

When I was a child I play and same also as you. Playing with friends is the first play mates when you were still a kid. But as time, days and year pass, we are no longer have a play mate because there were starting to be there selves and for there habits. But it depends of the situation if you have a same habits or not. But one thing is for sure, that you and your friends will going far for each other and no more play. Now, what I do is to play a computer. Video games are so popular now, and this is really what all kids and adults use to play, because this game was the best for break time or past time. In me, I play online games. I have a lot of games that been played and online games was the best. But there were times that I had been addicted for some games of online and I didn't go to school, but I have reasons.

Back to the online games, my first online was the RAN online PH. This was the best games that I spend a lot. I always buy items that I need for my character that I named "__ricci__".

I play this game when I stop my studies back in year 2005 and I stop playing this game on year 2007 because of financial problem, but I am not hesitating that I play and spend a lot of money for this game. Because I learned a big lesson for this game and that is why I already make my life different from that past years.

But now, I play another online game that been addicted in our private office. The game was in titles Gunz the Duel.. There were a lot of kind for this game but I play the Elite Gunz the Duel because there were no hackers in this game Gunz private server.

This game also has a net shop but the items are free, that is why this is the game that I choose to play, and when I am full of anger I boost it just in this game and also for past times. This is the banner of the game.
This is the video tutorial that I first learn for this game, I get it from the

So this is just for this post, I will share some more from the next post for my games at your service from Everyday What.

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