Monday, July 19, 2010

I Play 13 Days in Hell

This is the new game that I found in the I really guess that you might also gonna like it same as mine. I use to play games here because of that sometimes I am so streets. The game as entitled 13 Days in Hell. I always use to screen shot my window to provide a picture of mine game. And this is the following shots I made.

This was the first is the shot that I take and this was still loading. What I do here is to wait for the loading to be finish.

This next screen shot was the now finish the loading of the game and ready to play.

And this ones the play loading of the 13 Days in Hell game at

This is now where you were going to choose and to learn the game. But what I am going to do is to play a new game.

This is now the start, so the first thing that we are going to do is that we input a name that we want. What I input was "RIKZ".

This is now where we choose for the level of the game. What I choose was only the easy. Why? Because this is just my first time and I need to learn the game first.

The next screen shot was how to control and also to play the game. And I just press OK!

The next one was the guide of the game. Every level has a guide for if where to or how to kill the target. And then I click Play!

And then the game was started and what we just have here is to just shoot I wonder who to shoot to.

Now! this is just what I do or for all that who wants to play this game. This is just shoot and shoot the target person. Oww.. It is so scary and so horror. So this is just it in this post. Just keep on enjoying.

Here how about to try this game the 13 Days in Hell click to play now!

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