Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Inventory In Battle Punks

This was the sitting of my inventory for my character in Battle Punks battle game in FaceBook. I guess it is better to have a single weapon in more on power boosters like the violet ones. I know that the game was not the one you can control to. But as if you have a boosters like this it is more advantage in the game. Here is a screen shot:


Yes! I play again and I have loot a great booster for my character. The Quickness Booster - this is one of best booster the needed to be in your character. I don't know if what might this will effect in its action, but I am sure that it is more advantage in battle. Here is new and another screen shot:

This is just a simple sharing way in the Battle Punks game in FaceBook. I hope you get something.

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