Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Charlie St. Cloud Movie

Watch Charlie St. Cloud online! Yes this is a great movie that what brothers need to know or something like mine too as a brother. I have this friend of mine who is still lamenting over his deceased brother. Of course, who will not? But he had his brother is special…so much than being a mere brother-to-brother relationship.

Just like Charlie St. Cloud. I mean the movie “Charlie St. Cloud”. The movie is about the Charlie and his beloved brother who had passed away and for a long period of time, he promised to be with him, be at his side and stay closer to him. And with that, he presented his self to be the caretaker of the cemetery where his brother was buried. So touching isn’t it?
But here comes a girl that would mix the story. Meet Tess Carol, and she is Charlie’s apple of the eye! And she is the reason why Charlie wasn’t able to balance his time losing his promise to his deceased. At the end of the story, will he be able to give time both to the most important persons in his life?

Have you ever had a promise? Of course you had, maybe in your parents, promising about having good grades and not to engage in any vices. Or maybe in your friends, promising that you will going to keep those secrets and even cross all your fingers that you shall keep those promise. Or maybe in your partner, promising to keep the love and loyalty till the rest of your life.

And Charlie St. Cloud also have a promise. A promise to is younger brother Sam that he will be always be there for him and that he will not going to leave him alone and always be there beside him.

If you may be wondering who‘s Charlie St. Cloud, well, guys and gals, he is Zach Efron. Yes, the satr of the teenage movie, High School Musical. And now he is back with his newest drama movie Charlie St. Cloud.

Watch out for the release of the movie and you may watch Charlie St. Cloud movie online for free. July 30, 2010 is the date of release and make sure you will not miss this movie.

Here is a trailer of Charlie St. Cloud movie:

You may also watch Charlie St. Cloud online free available in many internet sites.

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