Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Play The Battle Punks In FaceBook

Today I just discover a new game, but this is not really a new one, it is just on me is new. The game was the Battle Punks in FaceBook. I just visited for a while in my account and this game was just pap up. I don't know maybe someone just suggest it to me play try the game. But the game is quit simple anyway. So I just try it for a while. This game was all about building a best hero, avatar or what so ever. This is just like your building your own character to be invisible to every one in the game. I still don't have a good information for this game yet. But as soon I know this, for sure I will share one.

This is just what I have of course a screen shot only.

This was the character that I've created in the Battle Punks in FaceBook. In 3 hours I just only reach up to level of 4. Wow... it is really so hard if I have no such idea for the game. I know that this is just not old to much because of that this game was just still in BETA.

This is the continue of the game that I play the Battle Punks in FaceBook. Now I am in level of 5. The game was not so excited at all, the best of this game was just more and more climax that you will be facing. What the thing is that you cannot control your avatar I mean character, you will just wait until fight is done. The game were just so simple at all, I really wish to have an unlimited charge or what is this lightning symbol. Now, I just finish my charge and what I need to do is just wait for it to have another charge and play again. This is what I use to problem of, because this is what I don't like in a game that to suppose to wait. I never wait that's all it matters to me. But I get use to visit it even just ones a day. This is all for this post thank you for the reading and visit and see you next time.

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