Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Play Happy Island In FaceBook

While I am in FaceBook, I am so bored with nothing to do. So I look for games I play the Battle Punks, but it is so slow to wait for energy so that you can fight again. Always waiting for 3 energy to fight. So, while waiting I look for other game that will make me entertained. I look for game then I found a very simple game ever in my life. The Happy Island game in FaceBook. What I do here now was just clean and clean when the people that comes here in my island trow there trash anywhere. What can we do here in this game was to developed your island to make it popular and made it to be much more popular than other islands. I can say maybe this game can help us to add some knowledge if we are planing to make a business like Hawaii or the known Boracay in the Philippines. Here is the screen shot of my account in its first open.

I guess can get use to it while waiting for my energy charge in the Battle Punks game. I don't have yet knowledge for this one to cheat but for me it doesn't matter, I am just enjoying the game and wait for the increasing its popularity. What just I know is this to be a big island and make it much more popular at all. But also you need to wait for the arrivals of the tourist to visit in your island and to earn money. In this kinds of a games we just need to be patients. I can share some of my experiences in this game so that if your were interested to play it will not be hard for you guys to start because of guilds. Thank you for reading and always in visit here.

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